My Soapbox

A few months ago, I decided to start a blog… my little internet soapbox from which I would dispence my thoughts and opinion about all there is in this life. The only problem was, I didn’t blog.

If you know me at all, then you know that my thoughts and my feelings about things tend to be very strong. It’s not that I would consider myself opiniated, it’s just that when I do develop an opinion about something, it’s based on gathered facts, trusted testimonies, and/or personal experiences. Therefore, it will be a stong opinion. So rather then blogging my thoughts of white people helping black communities, or my aversion to the side hugs, or my anger about the notion that as a fat person, I can’t have dating standards, I didn’t write anything at all.

I became too worried that people would be offended, they wouldn’t understand my point of view, they would criticize and judge me in ways that I might not be able to handle. I took several weeks to seriously consider the consequences of what might happen within these pages and as a result of these words. And after carefully weighing the pros and cons, I formulated an opinion. This is my blog. These are my words and my feelings. And although some may be harsh, one-sided, or just plain ignorant, they are mine. I will express them. I will own them, and if and when I ever deem it necessary, I will apologize for them. But most importantly, I will express them here – freely with no inhibition.


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