In memory of my sister…

Friday was my sister’s birthday… I thought about her a lot all day, actually, I think about her a lot in the month of May. I thought about my brothers and my younger sister. I wondered if they were thinking about her as well. Throughout the day, I called my family, we talked about random things, I left them goofy messages, but not once did we mention Rose. There was no need to. Secretly, I think we all knew what we were missing for the day.


Rose would have turned the dreaded three-zero this year. Where I would have made (and probably will make) a dramatic entrance into the thirties – mini-skirt, high heels, and all – Rose would have made her usual regal arrival. Always the lady, I imagined her celebrating this new era of life with very close friends and family, wearing a stunning new suit perfectly complemented with a majestic hat. If I had to, I would guess that she would dedicate a song to God in church on Sunday….


Sadly, I have to confess that my thoughts of Rose are becoming indefinable. I am starting to forget. I’m forgetting what her voice sounds like. Outside of a picture, I have difficulty conjuring up her features in my head. I cannot remember what some of her favorite things were. I couldn’t think of the perfect gift to give her for her thirtieth birthday – something to do with sewing, maybe an interesting recipe book, or perhaps an expensive pediatric nursing equipment. What would she really want? Memories are all I have left of my once closest friend, and they too are slowly fading away.


I guess that is why I’m writing now. I am attempting to leave myself memory clues and triggers. A year from now, when I am turning thirty, I want to vividly remember my sister. I want to make time for close friends and family. I want to thank and honor God for the gift of life. And even though I may sport my mini-skirt, I want to remember that I am a lady and carry myself like a queen.


2 thoughts on “In memory of my sister…

  1. couman fe ou di tout monde lan sa epi ou pa jam dim anyin?
    mouin pat vle li sa-a online…
    mouin sonje 7/15/04 a 7:00pm 26ans 2moi…
    now you got me crying 🙂 I miss her so much

  2. D, you got me crying yes I am months late like always. I love you soo much D, I am glad I get to be your friend you are an amazing friend. I can’t imagine you ever forgetting Rose, you always remember those who are not present , not mentioned or don’t have a voice. It’s one of the things I love about you. I’ll cry with you any day and anytime. k

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