To watch or not to watch…

There has been a recent string of emails filling up my inbox, urging and discouraging me to watch Oprah. Why? Because she apparently refuses to have Sarah Palin on her show. Hmmm… let me take a brief minute to respond to all of you forward happy clickers out there.

First of all, I don’t watch Oprah at all. I don’t support her borderline voodoo, self-worshiping views. I don’t deny how much “good” she has done, but the woman blatantly renounces Christ. Thus my only responsibility is to pray for her salvation. This ties in to my second issue which is, “why does the RNC want to be on the show in the first place?” So as the party that supposedly holds “more Christian values” they don’t urge people to boycott Oprah when she goes on her anti-Biblical spiritual rants, but they want us to boycott her now that she won’t have one of their members on? That’s ridiculous.

To be perfectly honest, I am strongly opposed to both candidates thus far. It is her show and she can have any guest on that she wants. However, Oprah should be woman enough to have both sides on the show. Why not have an open dialogue? How can viewers be expected to make an educated decision about anything when the media is so one sided on everything? I am so sick of the Obama frenzy that has plagued the world while no one seems to be able to give any definitive answers for his “change” campaign.

This leads to my Final point: that most Americans are too lazy to do their own research. Instead, we completely rely on celebrities like Oprah to tell us who/what is right or wrong. What’s wrong with researching RNC/DNC and its candidates to decide for ourselves? Why are we letting the Republicans or the Democrats tell us what to do or not do?


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