Chicken Basil Chili & Macadamia Nut

Day one back on Weight Watchers. Total Points® to use = 26

Somehow, I’ve blown through 9 Points® between coffee and breakfast. Total remaining = 17

No problem! I have the motivation. I have the emotional support. I have the necessary tools. I don’t have lunch.

Hmm, ok, still no cause for concern. I’ll just go to the local Nature’s Way Café. A few short minutes on my trusty Daily Plate and it becomes quite apparent that I absolutely cannot order the intended egg salad – too many grams of fat, too many calories. And for that matter, I should avoid all of the sandwiches I usually purchase as well. As my hunger becomes fierce, I start to panic. What if there is nothing on their menu that is within a reasonable Points® value? “Danne, you’ll starve! You’ll absolutely starve!” My stomach grumbles. I take a deep breath and decide to walk over to the café. If nothing else, I can at least have a small cup of soup.

… Minutes later, I’m sitting in my office with the most delicious cup of Chicken Basil Chili ever. Oh my goodness! The wonderful blend of beans, the flavorful chicken, the various vegetables; I want to lick my bowl, it’s so enjoyable! But I have to be careful because I can’t waste the rest of my Points® on lunch. I still have dinner to think about. So, back on The Daily Plate I go to figure out how much my soup is going to cost me.

Chicken Basil Chili = 0. Yeah, that’s right. Zero Points®. I lick my bowl.

… Minutes after that I have a 6 Point® white chocolate Macadamia nut cookie for desert. Total Points® remaining = 11

Maybe I should buy another cup of that soup for dinner.

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