People watching: P=e i-r

So one professor asks the other, “Hey, what’s e i-r?”

My ears perk up. My brain starts turning. What? Is that Greek? Is it some sort of slang term from the mid-west?

I fix my face so I don’t look completely lost and offended by the jargon as the other professor starts responding using words that I know in contexts that I can’t comprehend.

I quickly jump on my trusty Google – OH God! It’s not even words! I can’t even read it.

My ears tune in more intently now. I must understand. I have to know what p=e i-r is. Is it chemistry? Is it physics? Is it the vortex that socks disappear to at the Laundromat?

No, it’s actually not any of the above. Evidently it’s got something to do with power, a resistor, there’s a voltage source in there somewhere… and maybe something about a pie. No, a pi.

Ok, well now that clears it up. Yep, it’s definitely Latin.


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