Not Forgetting Rainbows

When I first moved down to Florida, I had a pivotal encounter with a rainbow. Where was I?

I was driving back from yet another unsuccessful job interview…

I was concerned about my savings diminishing and my debt climbing…

I was wounded from arguing with my mother daily about my “coming back home”…

I was lonely since I had not made any friends and missed my siblings terribly…

I was hurt by God’s silence after having been so obedient to His call…

And on that Floridian hot-as-Hades mid-summer day, I was driving with the windows down so I wouldn’t have to run the A/C. Then, a torrential downpour came through. My immediate thought: “Oh come on, God! You have got to be kidding me!” Seriously, this had all the makings for a sappy scene in one of those predictable movies. The Truman Show, anyone? I maneuvered my SUV (windows up, A/C intermittently running) begrudgingly down Okeechobee; questioning God, questioning my purpose in Florida, questioning my obedience. But as I made my left to head south on 441, I encountered the largest, brightest, most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen.

I was suddenly reminded of God’s covenant with me as His daughter…

I was moved to tears…

Since then, I have seen many rainbows in my three years of Florida living. Some even brighter and fuller than my first. They always remind of that encounter; and they always remind me of God’s covenant. This morning was no different. However, as I quickly made note of the rainbow outside the car window, I came to the realization that my reaction was not the same. I was once again reminded, but I was not moved. This sad reality sent me into a feverish prayer. “Please, God,” I begged, “don’t let my heart become so familiar to your wonders that it grows calloused and unfazed!”

As I drove the fifteen or so minutes home… I encountered two more rainbows.


2 thoughts on “Not Forgetting Rainbows

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