Something Like a cookie

Oh no, sugar craving… I need something sweet… Now… I want it so bad I can taste it… It’s a cookie… Ooh, a chocolate cookie… Mmm, no, no, it’s something cold… Not frozen you can’t taste anything cold… Sitting out on the counter for 10 minutes after two hours in the freezer cold… Starting to soften and melt cold… Oh, and it’s warm… Gooey fresh out of the oven warm… would almost burn your tongue if it weren’t for the cold sweat, warm… But it’s crunchy too… And not the stuck between your teeth till it hurts crunchy… Not the you can’t hear anything but the sound of your chewing crunchy… The barely present soft and nutty kind… It’s the perfect spoonful… But instead, I chew a delectable zero calorie piece of gum.


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