Signs of life

In June of 2009, I visited my homeland (Haiti) for the first time in 21 years. During that time, I took a series of unpublished stills I called “Signs of Life”. Every image was of a remarkably stark scene, no one present, nothing breathing. But what I hoped to translate was that life still existed… a banana peel, an untied shoe, a half-finished bottle of soda. The point wasn’t whether someone was there, but that someone had been there and may be returning. The photos, though at first so sad and empty, for me held hope… hope that as a nation, we were not over yet… hope that there were still signs of life.

It is now January of 2010 and the world is in the aftermath of one of the most devastating earthquakes to strike my already devastated country. Through the shocked silence, my hope has not changed. My soul still longs for God to be glorified; my mind continues to plea for peace and political restoration; my heart does not cease to ache for help for the needy. And I find myself reading through the many articles and scanning the thousands of images, searching for the same thing… signs of life.


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