A Writer’s Blog

The point of writing, of course, is so that others will read. I can go on and on about the therapeutic aspects of writing, the sense of relief from releasing your thoughts, and blah blah blah. That’s what diaries are for. Does a blog really mean anything if no one reads it? What happens to my healing process when it’s tied to someone else’s response?

If I just write for myself, then none of it matters. It doesn’t matter how I write, when I write, why I write, to whom I write, or what I write about. There is freedom in not having an agenda. However, if I am not only writing for myself; if my words are somehow supposed to find their way into someone else and help him/her, then all of it matters. And if all of it matters, then I suddenly don’t have much freedom. I am now left to make decision and ponder things like, “what’s the point of writing this? Who will benefit from reading me talk to myself”.


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