No amount of training…

What can I say about today’s training? 50+ pastors and church leaders, ranging from mid-twenties to late fifties, crammed into a room no bigger than my family room – with just one small fan. Some walked 4 hours before they could catch the bus that would bring them there. But, oh to hear them sing of God’s love and wonders in their lives. A sound so rich that the room ‘lifted’.

My prayer has been that God would be glorified and that this visit would be a blessing to them. As usual, I was not prepared for what God would do to me. I wasn’t prepared for the urgency in their voices as they asked “how can I help my mom, my friend, my member heal?” I wasn’t prepared for the look in their eyes as they shared about their fear of sitting in the building; as they talked about the dread of having to walk in through the doors and sleep under a cement roof. I wasn’t prepared for their pleas to help them feel normal again.

All I could do was thank God that I wasn’t doing this alone and that in my weakness He is magnified.


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