A picture is worth oh so much more…

After a year of feeling jaded and “hating” photography; after a year of referring work to others and avoiding my camera as much as possible, I decided to re-launch my site and get my butt back in gear. Really, Julie decided that it was time for me to quit sulking and get my butt back in gear a few months ago – but being stubborn, I stalled a little longer.

First things first, computer upgrade. A whopping $500! No problem, I budgeted for this and was prepared to bite this bullet. Besides, I upgraded to a Mac and got awesome service from my friend JT at PC Repair Orlando. I did not however budget for the radiator on my car going out just a few days after my purchase. Deep breaths. $631 later, really deep breaths. 

I take a week or so to recuperate and then decide to finally update the website. God, being awesome, sent some unexpected income my way which I use towards that $200 fee. That same afternoon, the starter in my car decides to join my radiator. $175 later, I’m flatlining. “Why am I doing this again?” “This business is so expensive!” “I can’t afford to do this on my own!” “People don’t appreciate photography anyway!” Yet, instead of cancelling everything and retreating back to my little hole, I decide to keep moving forward.

Two days after that, I am sitting at my computer, selecting images for the site when I come across a picture I took of Julie over a year ago. “Julie”, I exclaim, “You’re positively stunning!” She comes over and – for the first time in the five years since I’ve known (and have told) her – she says, “Oh my God, I’m pretty!”

There, in those few words is my priceless reward.

Oh, and other priceless moments…

  • God in His awesomeness also allowed that very picture to be featured on WordPress photography
  • OK Go allowed me to use their song on my site
  • Bludomain is amazing

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