Me, Naturally

The truth is, I don’t want to be defined. When you think of me, I want you to think of a myriad of moments when I was me with you and all you can say to explain it is that, “it was perfect”. The same thing goes for my style. From business casual to shabby chic to fab glam, I don’t want to be labeled as anything other than “fashionable”. I want to walk off the cover of Vogue one day and out of the pages of Elle the next. I don’t want a permanent residence in any of them… including Essence or Ebony.

And there in lies the issue with my hair.

I’ve been going natural for a year and a half now – no creamy crack, no weave. Just braids. And in that time, I’ve researched, extensively, on natural ways of wearing my hair. Now I’ve come to the phase of my journey where I need to make a decision. I want to wear my own hair. After all this hard work, I want to be me, naturally.

But to be blunt, I’m weary of being labeled. I don’t want to be categorized as a “natural sister”. I don’t to be confined to “ethnic” clothing or “earthy” jewelery. I want to be just as polished/chic/fun/flirty/casual/glam in whatever style I happen to be reflecting that day, regardless of my hair. However, I can’t discard this image of myself  looking like my head is on the wrong body if I’m not sporting flowwy tunics and wooden earrings.

Stereotypical, I know… but I simply don’t want to be stereotyped by my hair.


2 thoughts on “Me, Naturally

  1. I know the feeling.
    I’ve been natural for 3 years and I say my hair often makes statements I don’t. The bottom line is the only person you can control is you. So I am me and if others cannot appreciate that it’s their loss.

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