Me, naturally embraced

I could wear a flower in it… May be a cute little bow… Or one of those vintage headbands that are so popular lately. I may want to invest in some hair ornaments. That way, it won’t look like I woke up and walked out the house without giving a thought to the bush on top of my head. That way, people will realize that I intentionally look crazy. That way, they will say, “Your hair! (short silence) What a pretty bow!” Which is much better than, “Your hair! (long awkward silence) it’s big”.

I could wear a flower it… when I want to. But today, I don’t want to. Today I want to embrace me… or at least who I want to be at the moment.

Comments so far: “OMG, how chic!” “Danne, you look so modern!” “Your hair, I love it! I want it!” “You’re going natural! (gasp) Me too! Can I hug you!”


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