How hard could it be?

I’m one do it yourself project away from moving to a commune. And by commune, I mean a contemporary farm house with updated amenities on a manicured piece of land that I don’t have to tend to with cute animals that I don’t have to care for.

Well, now that that’s cleared up, truth be told, I’ve always been a do it myself kind of girl. As a kid, I made dresses for my Barbie dolls, built my own Barbie dream penthouse, and put chocolate chips in homemade rice krispies before Kellogg was selling them. I’ve made my own hair conditioner, created my own wall art, built my own patio, and installed my own shelving in my garage. I’ve made an Ottoman cover, designed t-shirts, created jewelry, sewed curtains, reupholstered a chair, and did all the floral arrangements for a friend’s wedding because I thought I could.

So, my latest “how hard could it be?” project, making my own body products. Today, I finished my test batch of all natural homemade lip balm. Next up, body butter and scented candles. Now, if only I could work on manicuring that lawn.






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