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If you have been following this blog, then you may have noticed my attempt to write a post per week. If you are like most bloggers/readers, this may not have phased you at all. In fact, you may NOT have noticed. But for me this is quite a challenge. The WordPress “PostAWeek” challenge, to be exact. One that I accepted at the beginning of the summer in order to, well, challenge myself in my writing. I was honest enough not to consider the “PostADay” option, for the same reason my twittersphere is seriously lacking attention – I can’t imagine anyone’s life being so interesting that it warrants constant updates. Incidentally, this is the same reason I don’t like talking to my mother on the phone everyday: there are no updates. I did not get a new job. The Lord did not give my future husband a sudden revelation or ship him express overnight. I did not have a life altering epiphany that revolutionized everything I knew before. Not one thing had changed so much from the previous day that it requires a call to answer who’s new and what’s different. To be perfectly honest, even a post a week seems a bit excessive for me. But, seriously, I have had this blog for several years! So, I figured it was time to try something a little difficult. And what’s a challenge if it isn’t… challenging?

Unfortunately, as the weeks of my challenge wear on, I’m finding it harder to think of something to blog about. Is my life interesting enough? Is my life that boring??!! Granted, I am particular about what I post on my blog about my “life in no particular order”? But really, do you want to read graphic details of my freshly polished bright blue nails? Which, by the way, took two days, four coats, several fixes, and the realization that I now owe myself more money in time than what I was trying to save by not going to the salon. Maybe you would be more interested in my first world problem of hating every salad dressing I’ve tried this week – making it torturous to eat my tub of lettuce and vegetables every day? I could go on about the endless paper trail in my office that I’ve been avoiding all summer – thereby explaining why I’m typing this from the dining room table — which would inevitably lead to a tantalizing exposition about posture and the usefulness of chiropractors. Oooh! Sarcasm aside, there are of course the wonderful nuggets of gold found in the various books I’m reading; the delightful conversations with friends; the teachings from church; the frustrations with singleness; the frustrations with friends, church, and singleness; the much needed rant about all that is wrong with the government; on and on and on…

But honestly… Honestly, when I take an honest assessment, I suppose it’s not so much a lack of subject matter that’s plaguing me this week. After all, I could cleverly recount the aching of my heart as I walked away from a cute pair of shoes on clearance because I’m on a budget. Or with heartfelt emotions confess another painful blow to my derrière when I fell off my high horse on Monday. But… honestly… I’m just not in the mood to write today. I have no desire to go inside my head and come up with something clever and entertaining. I’m simply suffering from an unwillingness to speak just because someone may be listening… But, what is a challenge if it isn’t, well, challenging?


3 thoughts on “Something to Blog About

  1. It is amazing what can flow from your fingertips when you let them run amuk. I only recently started blogging and I only blow on a single subject. But already it would seem to me if I want to be productive I need to branch out. So maybe in my future I will try random blogs every other week or so, and this may have been the starting place. Have a great day. Bill

  2. I just took on the postaday challenge… I know it’s midway through the year, but I hate waiting for that “new year” or “1st day of the month” to begin a goal. I barely started yesterday, so wish me luck! 🙂 Keep at it! 90% of people fail, its those 10% who fail and get back up again and keep trying who succeed! (A Stephen R. Covey quote… forgive me if I goofed up the numbers… you get the general idea).

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