Postcards from the Edge


Dear Sir,

I’m writing to inform you about a special invitation. You see, my mom loves Christmas! When the

holiday comes around, she magically becomes one of Santa’s little helpers; wrapping sweaters, PJs, jewelry and the like. In fact, we jokingly dub the dining room her workshop – the table, overtaken with gift papers, ribbons, boxes, and bags of various colors, shapes, and sizes. You are guaranteed to find a present under the tree for even the random, last-minute guest.


But, as exciting as that sounds, I actually believe my mom enjoys giving cards more. She loves picking out these Christmas cards and writing one for each of her children. And each year, the final adornments on the tree are the cards, carefully placed between the branches. Believe me, we enjoy receiving them.

This year was interesting. It was the first year everyone was a couple – except, of course,  yours truly. And this year, each child and each significant other had a card in the tree. And my mom, to compensate for the lack of another’s intimate significance in my life, did what you are now cringing to read. She wrote a card to my “future boyfriend” and very excitedly presented it to me in the presence of all my younger siblings and their others.

Open floor, bury self.

I have to confess that in the midst of the awkward laughter, I fought back a tear. It was a tear made of a combination of things, really. Embarrassment. Sadness. Awareness that this future person was so important to her. Refusal to let her see my bruised ego. Realization that I would cherish this card as some sort of special pass, only to be given to this future “him” when I knew he was the real deal. A combination of emotions flooded my tear. But I smiled, I hugged and thanked my mom for loving you already, and I saved your invitation card.

Oh! I should also probably inform you, Mr. Future Boyfriend, that there was a present included with your invitation, but like a proper future girlfriend, I needed a pick-me-up in your absence, so I used it to buy myself something shiny. Please be sure to thank my mom.

Ms. Future Girlfriend

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