War of the Worlds

The world seemed to be speeding towards total chaos these past two weeks. Every direction I turned left me aghast, either by the sheer cruelty, the utter stupidity, or the maddening insanity of what I observed. From yet another conflict in Africa, to grounding Boeing, to new research being done on the correlation between fast food and acne in teenagers (really), to Michelle Obama’s bangs somehow being news, to the Miss America fiasco, to a callously sensationalized murder-suicide, to fiscal cliffs and debt ceilings – all of it left me in a quizzical state of “what in the world!?” So, what did I do to combat this sense of dumbfounded-ness? Well, when I could no longer yell at the radio, or forbid my roommate to turn on the tv, or ignore my phone because I was not allowed to tweet, I decided to walk away and create world peace by resolving a conflict of global proportions: Android or Apple?

After reading countless reviews, interviewing a number of people, visiting several sites, I made my decision to purchase the Google Nexus 10. And then I waited, and waited, and waited… Because I couldn’t find it anywhere. Unfortunately, neither could I find any assistance from Google in obtaining one. So I went back to my research. I read more reviews. Visited more sites. Interviewed more people. The Nexus 10 had everything I wanted. Surely there was another tablet like it, besides the iPad. According to my research, both devices were, in fact, comparable. But… Could I really live with an iPad? Could I leave the vast world of Android for the sequestered garden of Apple? Technically, I had been teetering between both for years: I own an Android phone and a MacBook. Blasphemy, I know. So to buy one more item would boot me out of the other’s world. It would send me down the path of inevitable decisiveness. And oh! How I would be judged by either side for leaving our joining! But honestly, to not buy an iPad because it’s not an Android is just as snobbish as to buy an iPad because it’s an Apple. Know what I mean? And just as much as I don’t want to be an anti-yuppie snob, I shutter to think of my Android aficionados calling me an “isheep”. Or referring to my new addition as an “icrap”. I-turmoil!!

In the end, I decided to gift myself the iPad – it was available and the customer support is wonderful. There are features about it that I’m really appreciating. Likewise, there are things about my Android that I love and wish the pad could do. But wouldn’t you know it, we are all living peacefully under one roof.

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