A Blog is Worth a Thousand…

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Nine months, to be exact.

As I feared, the full time job, full time  responsibilities, full time bills, full time stress got in the way of part time passions. And as I waited for my demanding schedule to spare a little time to be, time slipped by leaving me with little more than an empty blog and a neglected soul.

So, why write tonight? My body aches. My brain buzzes. My sleep escapes. My appetite fluctuates. My feet itch. My heart wanders. My soul wrestles. My hands refuse to be idle.

Over lunch today, a colleague told me he encouraged his entire class to blog. “Blogging,” he said, “is one of best ways to improve your intelligence.” He continued by explaining, “If you just blog about what you’re learning in class, you’re solidifying your learning and letting your parents know they’re not wasting their money.” I’ve been thinking about his comment all afternoon, and the video that originated the thought. I thought about how many times over the past few months I had been asked a simple question about how I was doing, and I couldn’t come up with an intelligent or interesting response.

How was your summer? Busy, but good.
How’s your semester going? Well, just really busy.
How’s your family doing? Oh everyone’s great.
How’s your job? OK. Stressed. Really busy.

And to think, I call myself a writer! No wonder my brain feels cluttered!

I traveled Seattle, Washington by myself this summer; checked out some of the islands, did a little wine tasting, toured the must see places, and even got a little lost to find myself.

I successfully planned our biggest orientation events to date at the University and won an award for it. I directed the creation of a new catalog, developed and trained a core group of peer mentors that have made this an engaging semester for over 500 freshmen. I am enjoying teaching two classes, have interacted with hundreds of students, and am continuously seeking ways to improve my programs.

I attended more weddings than should ever be allowed for a single girl in one year. I avoided starting bad relationships. (That’s definite progress). I started taking violin lessons. I made the decision to put photography on the shelf for a while. (That was hard). I lost weight. I gained a niece and two new siblings (in law). I made lasting friendships and changed perspectives. I learned the difference between fighting and struggling. I became comfortable in my own skin.

All these thoughts… All these ideas… All these memories… All these lessons have been frantically splashing around in my flooded mind for the past few months, begging to be tended to. Making it nearly impossible to focus.  And all it took was one blog to restore peace.


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