A Little Color to My Life




~that’s life… in no particular order


6 thoughts on “A Little Color to My Life

  1. Hi, nice blog you have here! How do you like your color so far? I’m thinking about putting in some ombre to add some dynamics to my curls. But since I’ve never dyed my hair before, I’m a little apprehensive of the upkeep. How do you maintain moisture? And do you find that you have to alter your wash day routine by much?

    • Hi. Thank you. I love my color!! I first did the ombre with a box color. It was marketed as being safer for untreated hair (which mine was). I believe I tagged it in the post. I knew it wasn’t the end result I wanted, but I was hesitant about bleaching my hair. If you’re interested, I can send you the info and the videos I watched before doing it.

      I waited two weeks and then had a professional add the highlights that I wanted. As a result, I have about 7 different shades in my hair and I absolutely love it. Check out “a bonnet full of curls” or “a love affair” for the final color.

      As for moisture, I co-wash only and sometimes sleep with a shower cap. I was concerned about the ends being dry and brittle after dyeing, so I obsessively conditioned it and did hot oil treatments (2-3x/week). I’ve stopped obsessing (only 1-2x/week) now. It’s actually grown a lot and I haven’t had any issues with it breaking or being dry. I can send you that info as well.

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