Hair Raising

So…. I did it again. I got a “hair-brained” idea and decided, this doesn’t seem that hard, I can do it myself.

It started with a simple desire, I really wanted a long term protective style. But, try as I may – and believe me I tried and failed miserably – I couldn’t replicate a protective style that had any style. At least not one I was willing to sport long term. And since I live in a hair-challenged region, one can only imagine the lengths I must go through to find a stylist that specializes in natural hair… Thus we are back to my first thought, I can do it myself. After watching several videos on the trusty Tube I installed rods of steel in my confidence, devoting my Saturday installing crochet braids. And by Saturday, I mean my entire Saturday.

The first step in this adventure was to admit my weakness: I don’t know how to braid. Not to worry, it wouldn’t be a challenge without obstacles, right? I just needed to find someone who was willing to help me in this department. Check.


Then the fun and the very long afternoon began… and seemed to never end. I mean seriously, two one-hour long sermons, four 88-minute episodes of Sherlock Holmes, two meal breaks and it was still going.


What started out as an exercise in creativity consequently became one in endurance and patience. But with the stubbornness of a stray curl and the speed of a snail, I saw the finish line… eventually.


When the installing was done, the styling began. I cut off the excess (I should mention I don’t know how to cut as well), did a basic twist-out, and voilà!


~that’s life… in no particular order


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