I thoroughly enjoy my brother’s writing, especially when it’s in my defense 😉

the parentals

Dear single people,

Get married already.

Now that I’ve got the attention of married people:

Dear married people, [I know some of you were thrilled by that initial statement, but…]

Single people aren’t looking at us in awe and wonder, begging for our lives and our help. They don’t sit at home, presumably still with their parents, by the window yearning for our lifestyle. I’m also pretty sure they’re not wandering through the wilderness in bewilderment, suicidal, and in need of a spouse… in need of your help. Their lives aren’t pointless or meaningless if they don’t look like yours. Additionally, marriage isn’t something they’re longing to “accomplish” through your guaranteed 12 step program; and incidentally, yes, that is the message you’re broadcasting.

I know this because they’ve told me. I know because I’m tired of having to prove myself as not being like you other married people.

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