A Whole Lot of Something

Day one: May 1st

I have been tired and sleepy all day. But honestly, that probably has more to do with my lack of sleep over the past few weeks than it has to do with coming off a sugar high. I’ve also had a dull headache all day. Now this probably has more to do with the sugar withdrawal than the fatigue. The fatigue is definitely attributed to the mild insomnia. It’s true, I haven’t been sleeping. And because I’m not sleeping, I’m not working out. And because I’m not working out, I’m not eating well. And because I’m not eating well I feel like crap… And my body is aching… And my mind is racing… And I’m not sleeping.

But back to today. Day one of a whole something or another. Fortunately, I happen to like coffee – so I don’t mind it’s bitter black taste on my bored tongue. It’s something else beside water. It’s a welcomed alternative to falling asleep at my desk or reaching for a piece of candy. Coffee, I can handle. Walking away from the pizza, I can handle. Saying, “no” to the cookies and the chips, and the candy, I can handle. It’s the sleeplessness, the aching joints, the wacky hormones threatening to drive me crazy… those are the things I can’t handle.

So, here’s to another Whole 30.

~that’s life… in no particular order


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