38.9 Seconds Later

The numbers on the sheet were disappointing.

I had, in fact, improved my health. Everything, except for stress, was at ideal levels. Even my blood pressure had improved. But those three little digits glared at me from among the other numbers on the page, and I was immediately disappointed in myself. Somehow, I was 15 pounds heavier.

Then I saw the challenge. Row 200 meters for time. Winner gets a FitBit.

I declined.

I’m in a dress. And heels. And I’m already feeling defeated. 

“What’s the time to beat?”

Hmmm. I think I can beat that.

Ok. Shoes off. Dress tucked between my legs. Rowers moved to face the wall so I don’t expose myself. Deep breath. Go! And that was the moment I remembered that the scale has no idea how to measure me.


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