The Reformer and the Believer 

​Dr. Martin Luther King Jr 

Renamed after his father studied the work of Martin Luther in Germany.  

Skipped two grades to start Morehouse College at 15 years old.

Graduated valedictorian at Crozer Theological Seminary.

Accepted to several prestigious doctoral programs, including Yale and Edinburgh. 

Studied systematic theology at Boston University, received his PhD at 25.

Identified as the voice of the Civil Rights movement at 26.

Actually gave two speeches in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial, the first one, “Give Us the Ballot”, on giving minorities the right to vote.

Had more than one attempt made on his life.

Arrested 29 times on trumped up charges.

Blacklisted by the FBI, accused of being influenced by Communist, and publically called the ‘‘most notorious liar in the country’’.

Followed, tapped, threatened, persecuted, beaten, subjected to bomb attacks, and eventually martyred – 

Not so he can be remembered as a dreamer, but as a Reformer. A Believer who wrestled with his faith. A Fighter who sought to awaken us to the truth that injustice is an affront to God. 

Please don’t quote about a dream today if you aren’t willing to acknowledge that some of us are still living this nightmare.


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