I love Photography. I’ve had a fascination with it since I was a young girl, but I didn’t fall in love with the art until high school. A passion that greatly flourished well beyond college. I especially love film photography. Archaic, I know; but just think of the thrill, the element of surprise, the final breath released when you can take your paper out into light and examine what you have created. 


For me, photography has never been about taking a really nice picture. Anyone with a decent camera should be able shoot at least one beautiful picture. But, as Henri Cartier-Bresson noted, photography is about the moment. That twinkling of an eye when the subject and the photographer become one – and that look, that action, that emotion is captured forever.



Photography allows me to see the beauty in everything. Through my lens, every smile is beautiful. The way she moves her wrist is beautiful. The way light comes through a window is beautiful. The dirt on his shoe is beautiful. A bowl of milk on the table is beautiful. Because of photography, I can see life in these magnificent frames of stunning color of striking black and white.