about this blog… As private a person as I am, I have this unnerving passion to share what’s going on inside me… but only if it means someone else will benefit. Thus, this blog is

*more than my soapbox;

*more than an open diary to help ME release;

*more than a means to keep my sanity

It’s yours as well. So speak. Share your thoughts, live these words, and feel… too.


about me… I could run off my list of statistics – age, place of birth, hobbies, favorite things – but would you really care? Seriously, would you commit to memory that I like only certain shades of blue and green but hate anything that resembles sea-foam, blue-green, or most attempt to mix blue & green into one shade? I’m going to guess that answer is an emphatic, “No!”

So, I’m going to tell you what you need to know about me. 1) I’m sensitive about my writing 2) I’m fiercely loyal to my loved ones 3) I hate the thought of being defined but 4) I’m fearful of never being truly known 5) my attention to detail can be overwhelming 6) I analyze everything, especially movies/music/entertainment and 7) I’m a Christian as defined by the Word of God in the Bible.

For those who like to know random facts about people: I’m the second of six children born on a small island off the southern coast of the US; I love to express myself artistically; and my favorite colors are blue and mint green.