Winter With a Twist of Lime

Dear Florida, 

Please don’t listen to the haters. Like many boot-loving, leather jacket owning, infinity scarf hoarding fashionistas, I have been waiting in anticipation for your reluctant and temporary acceptance of Mr. Winter’s invitation. Naturally, at the announcement of a blissful 54° Sunday, I excitedly searched my closet for the perfect outfit to express my delight! And what a better way to say, “I love you and I love this weather” than to welcome Winter with a twist of Lime. 

Easter Egg Hunt?

I have a lot of reasons why I love having my mom closer, and this beautiful gem certainly adds to the list.


The original skirt was red. However, she couldn’t find the right material in that color. But, when she found this gorgeous two-tone fabric, she modified the original design to create this absolutely lovely piece with an asymmetrical cut to reveal the peekaboo lining.

There’s no hiding how absolutely pretty I feel pretty wearing it.



The saying goes, and I paraphrase, “Haitians dress for church as if attending a wedding and they dress for a wedding as if meeting the queen”. And just in case that expectation wasn’t high enough, Haitian tradition says you must take your style up a notch and look your best on the first Sunday of the year. Why? Because it will effect all the other Sundays of the year. And if you mess up First Sunday, you will spend the year making up for it.

It is with that in mind, I had a mini panic attack on Saturday evening. This holiday season, I didn’t go home. Which means I missed out on a number of traditions – cultural and familial. I didn’t drink any cremas. I didn’t eat any soup. I didn’t get to participate in the the gift exchange or watch the late night Christmas movie. I didn’t get to open one of my mom’s special cards. And although I missed all of these traditions, I still had a lovely holiday making new memories and learning new traditions.

Last night, however, standing in my closet, I had moment of dread when I realized I didn’t have anything planned for First Sunday. How could I have let this happen?! When I shared this with my family, they laughed at me, with good reason. In the grand scheme of life, there were so much more important things going on… blogs to follow. But I guess, no matter how much things change, some traditions (silly or not) stay the same. And even with their pressures, they bring a bit of normalcy to an ever crazy world.

~that’s life… in no particular order

‘Tis the Season to be Green

There have been very few times in my life when I envied men’s fashion. Not that I don’t appreciate a well dressed man. In fact, I’m extremely appreciative of a man whose wardrobe complements my own. But, seeing as I have so many wonderful options as a woman, there’s rarely a need to envy men. Except, of course when it comes to undergarments and Christmas season. Though deep-rooted, my hatred for medieval underwire bras and flesh-eating pantyhose will have to be discussed in a different post; for at the moment I am green with envy and red with frustration as I stare at the rejected pile of clothes.


What man isn’t at any moment ready for holiday festivities? Just tie on a cravat with a little shimmer, and he’s set. He doesn’t even need to worry about the traditional holiday colors. Make it a bow-tie and he is immediately gift-wrapped geek chic. But perhaps, you will argue, that he doesn’t like the restrain of a collar. Two words: sweater vest.wpid-david-beckham-red-cardigan-206x300.jpg

And voila! He’s ready for whatever or wherever your holiday celebrations may take you.

Not so with women. More specifically, this woman. Trying to look festive for a holiday party without looking like a giant ornament is virtually impossible. Everything is either that awful color combination I would never wear at any other time during the year, or woven with yarn that spun its way through the glitter aisle at Michael’s. Granted, I’m a bit harsh when it comes to this subject. After all, as far as I’m concerned, by its very definition, a “Christmas sweater” is a fashion faux pas that will not stumble into my closet. And don’t even get me started on velour. But take it from someone who’s searched the racks far and wide, holiday attire for women is a sorely neglected trunk in the house of fashion. I think I can rest my case by pointing to the popularity of “ugly Christmas sweater” parties.


Ho! ‘Tis the season for this Fashion Grinch to loathe her closet and covet the gifts under the other tree.  The month has just begun. Holiday party number 2. And  I’m already weary of Christmas wear, desperate for anything that whispers, rather than obnoxiously shouts, “Merry Christmas, I’m happy to be here and I will convey that by blinding you with sparkles”. Something classic and subtle… like pearls.