Letters of Note: You’ve got to sell your heart

“Late-1938…. Frances Turnbull sent a copy of her latest story to celebrated novelist and friend of the family, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Before long the feedback arrived….”

I admire her bravery in sending it and the raw honesty of his reply. An exert is below, but the letter is worth reading in its entirety. Thank you, CristianMihai.net for introducing me to this letter.

Letters of Note: You’ve got to sell your heart.

“The amateur, seeing how the professional having learned all that he’ll ever learn about writing can take a trivial thing such as the most superficial reactions of three uncharacterized girls and make it witty and charming—the amateur thinks he or she can do the same. But the amateur can only realize his ability to transfer his emotions to another person by some such desperate and radical expedient as tearing your first tragic love story out of your heart and putting it on pages for people to see.”