Back to Black

The actual goal was “midnight blue black”, but as you can see (or not), I  searched and searched and searched and couldn’t even find blue with a filter. Oh well, back to black is always beautiful.

Pretty Pleased

From big and wavy, to curled and sultry, to pinned and twisted, to cropped and spunky. Yes it took several hours to install. But for $26, 5 weeks and counting, and 4 distinct hair styles, I’m pretty pleased. ~that’s life… in no particular order

Hair Raising

So…. I did it again. I got a “hair-brained” idea and decided, this doesn’t seem that hard, I can do it myself. It started with a simple desire, I really wanted a long term protective style. But, try as I may – and believe me I tried and failed miserably – I couldn’t replicate a…

A Love Affair

“How did she get all that hair?” The curious woman asked my hair stylist. “That’s how it grows out of my head”.