People Watching: Nice or Stupid

Question. So, is it that mean girls get nice guys or dumb guys? Because I can’t for the life of me understand why some people put up with the crap that some people dish out. I mean, seriously… She’s just a girlfriend. A college girlfriend… On a campus with thousands of other potentials and nicer possibilities… Heck, you can even be shallow and say “better looking” possibilities. I just don’t get it.

People watching: Interpretations

He whistles at her from around the corner. At first, she ignores, but then he whistles again. She turns around, with a curious look. She is surprised. “Hey, how have you been?” He places an arm on her shoulder and starts to massage her neck. He utters something about wanting to know how she’s doing. She seems confused, unsure of how to interpret his touch. He tells her to give him a hug, and she does… almost unwillingly, mechanically, like an automatic uncontrolled response. Her eyes seem to ask, “What the hell?” But she hugs him. And he hugs her… and he sighs… and he holds on a few seconds too long. Then, he lets go. She looks to him for an explanation. None. He proceeds to walk her to class.

She is smiling… she is interpreting… she is creating all sorts of fantastic meanings to his every cleverly intentional yet conveniently vague actions.

People watching: P=e i-r

So one professor asks the other, “Hey, what’s e i-r?”

My ears perk up. My brain starts turning. What? Is that Greek? Is it some sort of slang term from the mid-west?

I fix my face so I don’t look completely lost and offended by the jargon as the other professor starts responding using words that I know in contexts that I can’t comprehend.

I quickly jump on my trusty Google – OH God! It’s not even words! I can’t even read it.

My ears tune in more intently now. I must understand. I have to know what p=e i-r is. Is it chemistry? Is it physics? Is it the vortex that socks disappear to at the Laundromat?

No, it’s actually not any of the above. Evidently it’s got something to do with power, a resistor, there’s a voltage source in there somewhere… and maybe something about a pie. No, a pi.

Ok, well now that clears it up. Yep, it’s definitely Latin.

People watching:: Wonderful Little Secrets

This couple unexpectedly ran into each other at the copier. He came to pick up a print job, she was there making copies. He smiled… a secret smile that revealed many wonderful little secrets. She, pretending to be too busy with her work, tried not to respond… but her body betrayed her intentions. Even while secretly watching her back, I could tell that her whole countenance changed. He picked up his papers and walked to the door, but he waited. She finished her job and followed. And as she walked passed him at the doorway, she smiled… a secret smile that knew of many wonderful little secrets.