Feast of Love

Do not feed your heart what the Lord has not shown you… It will not satisfy

Of the Color Blue and Grey

No matter how much I want to, there are some things I can never write about. Some emotions are too raw. Too deep to be exposed.  Some people are too sensitive. Too close to be confronted.  Some issues are too divisive. Too tainted to be mixed.  So, I remain silent. For fear of being misunderstood,…

Couple Therapy

Dinner parties can be so awkward and having endured many such sessions, I would like to offer a little therapy of my own.

Me and Mr. Hughes

What happens to a dream deferred? I, like many other girls before me, had expectations for my husband. I dreamed I would lovingly provide a warm and inviting environment for him to come home to. It would be beautiful with feminine touches and strong masculine furniture. Nothing too dainty so he would never feel out-of-place….

Just One for Lunch

A few weeks ago, while having lunch with a couple of friends, one of them recounted an experience she recently had at a restaurant. She was attempting to have a quiet dinner out, a seemingly innocuous event… except she was alone. It started with the hostess, “just one?” Then the server wanted to know, “are…