People Watching: random thoughts

Some completely random observations.

1. I’ve been thinking about getting a dog. So of course, as a responsible person, I consult my friends who have dogs. Nine out of ten times I was told, “don’t do it”; “it’s so much work”; “there’ll be hair/fur everywhere”; “it takes so much planning just to go away”; etc, etc, etc. Hmmm. So why exactly do these people still have dogs?

2. If you’re going to fake tan because, let’s face it, you envy the mochaliciousness of  brown skin, at least be wise about it. I mean, seriously. No one has been sprawled half-naked on a Florida beach in four months unless they’re visiting from Michigan and consider our 40 degree weather a heat wave. So please, put those cinnamon-colored legs away. Nobody’s buying that’s your natural pigment.

3. Speaking of putting legs away, I will grant you that it is not cold enough to wear boots – unless they just arrived from NJ with your mom and you must wear them (fashionably) be she and  Mr. Winter  leave. However, it is definitely not warm enough to bring out the signature PFPC (you know what I’m talking about) shorts and expose your seasonally inappropriately colored legs.