Designer Senses be Damned

Last weekend, I picked up my parents at the airport to move them into their new house. Insert dramatic sigh of relief.

This move has been 10 years in the making. It started in 2005 when I moved down to close on their first house while they wrapped things up in New Jersey. That did not go exactly as I planned, not even a little bit. And since then, nothing has been how I would have planned. Nothing. One would think I would have learned this lesson by now, but I’m #eternaloptimist, #stubborn, #foolish, or #whatever and I’m having to be reminded of it again.

Sitting here, watching them unpack and finally settle into house number three (yes, take a minute and consider if your previous sigh of relief on my behalf was dramatic enough), I find that I’m surprised by what’s coming out of carefully packed boxes and where said items are being carefully placed… And… again, not exactly what I was planning. Middle-school woodshop project, third grade school photos, high school mother’s day gifts, all being prominently displayed like Z Gallerie finds. “Oh this wall will be perfect for your beautiful art.” Art from high school, mom!? “I’m going to need you to have this framed for me.” Mm why? “I love this picture of all of you at your brothers wedding, can you make it larger?” At my dad’s excitement over our Sunday school awards, I almost lost it.

You don’t understand! My designer-senses are silently clawing through an invisible sketch pad. This house is beautiful! It makes all the other unsuccessful moves worth it. I could forget the frustrations of the last ten years by walking into this house – impeccably decorated, of course! With flowing drapes and moving artwork that welcome you into a luxurious haven. But instead I’m being confronted with a gallery of (sometimes awkward) childhood memories. Instead…


I watch my mom, she walks back and forth between the dining table and the kitchen table and the sofa table with treasured presents from my brothers in each arm, trying to decide which would be the perfect center piece for each location… and… she is so happy… And that’s when I realize, I am already forgetting the frustrations of the past ten years. Designer senses be damned, to see this woman this happy.

~that’s life… in no particular order