Mining for Gold

This time last year, I was writing and editing and rehearsing and editing, and recording and editing the HED Talk for my diversity and social justice course. The HED Talk, delivered in a similar fashion to a Ted Talk, was a 12-minute narrative of your racial identity development in light of what was learned in…

How to Survive a Breakup in Five Easy Steps

Step One: Denial Fortunately, there is not much for you to do in this step. It comes quite naturally, you will find. Do not be fooled, however. This is not a mere denial of your ill-fated relationship or some melodramatic refusal to acknowledge the pain. No! This is denial that questions the actuality and the…

Heavy Names

I need a job. I need a call back. I need an opportunity for an interview. And my name, as strong as it is soft, is heavy under this weight…

Rage & Peace

Now, I can say it with all the rage it so rightfully deserves, I can whisper it with all the peace I am claiming as my own: I am an angry Black woman.

The First Time

This “legacy of silence”, according to Tatum is part of the reason why we have such a difficulty talking about race.