Words of a Friend

Sometimes, you need the words of a Friend to remind you of where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. February 2015 vs. December 2016 March 2016 vs December 2016 (black shirt)


I wanted the white one. With the bright pink lettering. It was the one that drew me to the display. But, of course, it was the smaller one. A medium. My coach suggested I try this¬†smaller one, I laughed at her. She’s crazy. I took the larger, grey one. Everything about the white one was……

My New Normal

It fits! Not “plus size store” fits. Not “women’s section” fits. Not “specialty cut”, “loose fitting”, “maternity style” fits. But “normal” fits. In the same store with the “normal women” fits. On the same rack as the “normal women” fits. “Hopeful that you want to buy it” rather than “anxious that it will look awful”…

Hard Exercise Thoughts

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