Winter With a Twist of Lime

Dear Florida, 

Please don’t listen to the haters. Like many boot-loving, leather jacket owning, infinity scarf hoarding fashionistas, I have been waiting in anticipation for your reluctant and temporary acceptance of Mr. Winter’s invitation. Naturally, at the announcement of a blissful 54° Sunday, I excitedly searched my closet for the perfect outfit to express my delight! And what a better way to say, “I love you and I love this weather” than to welcome Winter with a twist of Lime. 

A Little Nautical, A Little Nice

This “Sew Pretty” red tule skirt (made by my mom) was an instant hit at the Christmas party. And it’s so much fun to wear! Paired with a navy and white top with silver trim, bauble pearls, and blue flats, I had a blast dancing my way across both of Santa’s lists. With the right accessories, this easy look can be a little nautical and a little nice. 

Easter Egg Hunt?

I have a lot of reasons why I love having my mom closer, and this beautiful gem certainly adds to the list.


The original skirt was red. However, she couldn’t find the right material in that color. But, when she found this gorgeous two-tone fabric, she modified the original design to create this absolutely lovely piece with an asymmetrical cut to reveal the peekaboo lining.

There’s no hiding how absolutely pretty I feel pretty wearing it.

No Lye!


I did it!

No. I didn’t cut and relax my hair – The devil is a lye! I found something better. After watching countless YouTube videos and tutorials, and seemingly endless hours, my sister and I came out of the tunnel with this razor cut style… Full head sew in. Completely protective. And super easy to maintain. What’s not to love?!

~that’s life… in no particular order